This is My Psychosis

It’s Only Words…*BOOM!*

Words have the power to deceive, persuade and destroy a person. Ever since we were children, our parents would always tell us to be careful with what we say lest our tongues get cut off for wagging too much. There are also times when we let loose a tirade of words which can hurt, destroy or worse, change a person or a relationship beyond repair. Words, when coupled with actions become an even greater threat. It is one thing to say something and it is another to support it with equal action. Bigger and terrible battles have been fought for lesser reasons. So, let us all be careful with what we say and how we say it. Let us also be careful when carrying out the words that we mutter to the people we love, strangers and even ourselves.

I would like to say that I am not tactless but I admit fully that I let my mouth run away from me sometimes. I often stick my foot in my mouth as well. I know this has gotten me into a lot of trouble, especially since I am sometimes over-emotional. When I don’t like you, I will tell you. If I think I am right and you are wrong, I will argue. I am stubborn by nature and I will always push and find a way to not be defeated or to not yield. I know, it’s a nasty habit but there you have it. But there are a lot of instances when I have chosen to rescind words that I have uttered as well as offer a thousand apologies. Some catastrophes I was able to prevent, others times it left a scar that ruined friendships, relationships and battle ships (sorry, I just had to put that there! LOL) Regrets? Well, at some point, of course, especially with friends lost. But that’s the story of life, you live and you learn.

Another issue I have with words is that people lie a lot. They use words to mask emotions and pretend to be someone else. They say one thing but mean another as well as their actions are so different from what they have been saying. This happens even to the closest of friends. If you and a friend have experienced a rift and decided to patch it up and hash it out, make sure that when you part ways, you stand firm to what you have said. Once you tell your friend that it is okay and that there are no hard feelings, do follow through. Do not treat your friend like all that talk was just for nothing. It’s like when both of you agreed to a truce and that all is forgiven, the minute one of you turns around, tongues wag and spews bitter words and hateful sentiments as if there wasn’t any patching up that happened. I guess the world will never be rid of hypocrites and liars. Spices of life, right?

Anyway, I do hope we all learn to practice holding our tongues (as much as I am practicing holding my temper!) Nobody likes to be antagonized and certainly, you do not want to be the antagonizer. Words are powerful but like in the Spiderman movie “With great power comes great responsibility!” So, don’t go around lying to people you care about and respect just so you can go wrestle in a cage match or something! Help people in trouble before he or she turns out to be a robber and shoots your uncle! Okay, i’m no longer making sense.

I just wanted to blog a little… Take care people and watch what you say! 😀


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  1. koisevilla
    January 18, 2012

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