This is My Psychosis

You Have Just Been Friend Zoned!

[FZ = Friend Zone]

A funny thing happened the other week and let’s just say that the reaction of a friend of mine made me laugh out loud (LOL)… in fact, I still laugh when I remember it. He just cried “You Have Just Been Friend Zoned!” Okay, I am not stupid but I can’t say that I am totally keen on understanding these things. Let me just say this… I don’t know how to flirt; I have an idea on what it looks like and how it occurs but I can never see myself doing it. Hence, I am a greenhorn when it comes to the wiles and guile and the art of ensnaring a man!

Anyway, I am compiling reasons that signify you have been “FZ” or “FRIEND ZONED” by the person you like. I am not an expert on relationships or men so, most of these reasons are given by friends and strangers!

You Know You Have Been Friend Zoned When….

1.] A person invites you for out and that person does not even offer to buy you anything when the time came.

2.] He treats you like he would treat his friends, hanging out.

3.] He or She does not dress appropriately when you two hang out. Because he or she is not out to impress you that way.

4.] He or She does not give you time to tell your own story, he/she talks more about him or her self.

5.] He or She would rather look at passers-by when talking to you.

6.] When the person tells you outright: “This isn’t a date. I just like hanging out with you!”

7.] He or She invites you out but then takes a bunch of his/her friends along when you do go out.

8.] He or She knows your number but he/she does not text you. You’re not that significant in his/her life at the moment (unless, he/she needs something eventually…)

9.] He or She asks you out but when you are walking together, it’s like there’s a 6 lane street in between the two of you!

10.] While he or she is talking, he or she does not make eye contact so much and does not make any attempt (NADA! NIL! NO WAY JOSE!) to touch you in any way or hint for you to touch her…

So there! Here are 10 reasons (from different people -okay, most of them were guy friends and students) Feel free to add more! I welcome the suggestions and comments! 😀



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