This is My Psychosis

I’m Only Happy When It Rains…(Nonsense Musing)

When the rain falls, it does not wait for you to get under a shelter. The skies open up and let’s it all loose. There is nothing you can do once you are caught under its torrential tirade -you get cold, soaking wet!  At times, the rain is considerate. It allows you to feel it with your senses; have you ever tried smelling rain? It’s a heady and invigorating scent. It’s filled with the promise of coolness and renewal.

You can also hear a distant rumbling, sometimes discreet, other times- simply, terrifying. The thunder grumbles a warning and your skin responds with goosebumps rising in anticipation of the coming cold. Then, you pull out an umbrella to prevent rain from soaking you to the bone. Others opt to welcome the rain and they open their arms and look up to the sky as if crying to the heavens to wash away their very existence.

For those in love, the rain can pour down unnoticed because it has been overshadowed by a kiss shared under the gray or dark clouds. It is the only type of fire that rain cannot quench.

Then again, rain sometimes is the bearer of death and devastation. It rages, pours -filling up the rivers and dams -as if to see just how far it can push the walls that protect the neighboring village. The rain does not intend to do this but it cannot help itself. It does what must be done and often times, without mercy. However, there are instances when the rain is caring and gentle.

It wakes you up in the wee hours of morning as if your skin is being caressed by a comforting coolness. It provides you the excuse to cuddle with your loved one or successfully weld your body on your sheets and fuse yourself with your bed. Also, the rain can be a good companion for those who want to be alone. It does not matter if you want to shut the world out or just read in silence by the window; the rain creates a veil around your thoughts, shielding your from the world and vice versa.

Yes, the rain is meant for so many things -to nurture, destroy, soothe and renew everything on earth. It makes one totally in awe of the genius of the Creator.


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