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Face Value…(part 1)

“It’s difficult to find the right guy when the wrong ones are always hotter, cuter and definitely yummier!”

People are visual creatures. No matter how much you say to people and yourself that you do not mind how a person looks as long as he has personality and a golden heart, you will still wish that he/she will be good-looking. Of course, this is understandable! You do not want to suffer terminal blindness just so you can love the person with a great personality! Yes it is shallow but let’s be honest -you want somebody who is as good-looking on the outside as he or she is on the inside.

What’s wrong with wanting that? Just because a person cares about the physical, it does not mean he or she is being shallow or picky. We all have standards. We all have ideals. We all have our different ways of making eggs, BLT’s and painting our bedroom walls. We know what we want and we will always wish for that. Good thing, there are a variety of criteria for each individual. One person’s prince charming might be a frog to another. A guy’s Mona Lisa might be another guy’s Jenna Jameson! You get the picture, right?

You would be surprised by the number of people I know who would rather date a nerd than a jock! There are certain qualities that a person exudes which always makes up for other areas he lacks in. Humor and brains – Abs and Pecs! Whatever floats your boat right? I do not believe that one should settle for whoever comes his or her way. I most certainly do not agree when a person says “You’re ugly so you deserve somebody ugly!” or “You’re dumb, so you deserve nothing more than what you are!” That’s a load of crap and then some!

Everyone deserves to have the person they want. Each of us has the right to get to pick from the top litter box! The only trouble is that when we realize that who we picked happens to be somebody who doesn’t deserve our love. Aye, there lies the rub!

Yes, we can choose to fall for somebody who is extremely good-looking. We can choose to pick a girl who is the sexiest, supermodel in the world. But once you are in that relationship; in that situation – that’s the time you realize just how much face value is worth. You might have a supermodel but she sleeps around with other people behind your back. You might have the most handsome boyfriend but he secretly is crushing on your best friend who happens to be a guy. Then, what happens? Some might just shrug and say that it’s okay. At least, they were handsome or pretty. Others would be adamant and vow to not choose a person based on looks (only to break that vow in a matter of 5 seconds flat!) In short, we will always go for Brad Pitt than choose Rob Schneider, right?

Hold up! Before you start screaming how I am being unfair, let me just say that NOT ALL GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE are A-holes! (I for one am an example of that -LOL) In fact, I find it funny how some people act like they are players and God’s gift to women but they do not even have the face value for it. Unfortunately, they always seem to find willing and unwilling victims. This just goes to show that face value is relative -albeit, shallow and insignificant if you look at the whole of things! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So, let’s not judge people for picking somebody who does not look good. Let’s not belittle the choices people make -whether they chose with their eyes first and suffer their hearts later. Let us not laugh at people who choose with their hearts first and opts to remain blind for the rest of his happily after.

Let’s stop looking at other people’s choices altogether and focus on ours. We might build a list of criteria we want the person we end up with to embody but at the end of the day, when cupid shoots -he scours… and you do not have a choice on the matter. Yes, I deliberately chose the word “scours” (yes, I know how to spell…sometimes! LOL) because love chafes, sets on fire, breaks, pierces, freezes, numbs the heart… and CUPID DOES NOT GIVE A FREAKIN’ DAMN!

We cannot help but be attracted to the physical -we will never be able to help it. But that is not what’s important. The thing that we should remember is to always look deeper and not allow our brain to be rendered deaf, blind and dumb. Sight is only one of our senses -let us make use of the others to really see whether this person we are attracted to is worth giving our heart to.

[***disclaimer: Johnny Depp and James McAvoy will always be PERFECT no matter who they are in real life!*** ]

[**sorry if my thought process is somewhat askew…the cohesiveness of this piece was solely dependent on my multi-tasking brain -unfortunately, now, all I can think of is sleep…zzZZ]


3 comments on “Face Value…(part 1)

  1. AJ Fernandez
    January 16, 2012

    “Your partner is your own mirror–that’s why they call it COMPATIBLE. If your partner doesn’t have the good looks, better attitude and great personality, then what do these say about you?” LOL XD

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    January 16, 2012

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