This is My Psychosis

There’s no such thing as “first place silver medal…”

You want somebody…very bad. He’s all you think about and he’s all you’ve ever dreamed of being chained to your side. He’s delish, gorgeous, fantastic and heavenly. Unfortunately, he does not think of you the way you think of him…in fact, he does not even know you exist.

A likely story, right? It’s so cliché that it has cliché written on top of the word cliché itself! But as much as we say that it is what it is, the reality is that a lot of girls (and even, guys) experience this. The ballad of unreciprocated love. Painful, frustrating, psychologically damaging and heart breaking.

Now, before you go and curse the living daylights out of this guy or girl, STOP! Read on…(and click the “like” button while you are at it)

It is true that we can never help who we like; who we infatuate over and who we fall in love with. But, it turns into a different story once this admiration (or obsession) becomes extremely passive. It’s time some people learn the reason why a gold medal is for the winner and why the silver medalists settle for second place.

If a person you like or you are salivating over does not and will never give you the time of day, then strive to cease and desist! Terminate the feeling! Shut down your heart’s CPU…refresh or reboot entirely! If you are one inch away from wrenching your heart out of your chest and shoving it down this person’s throat, just so his or her heart can beat as one with you -chain your self to your bedpost or ask your best friend to hit you with a tranquilizer dart filled with enough sedative to turn you into a vegetable for a week…or just smash your head on a wall and pray for amnesia.

Even if the situation is less drastic and that he might consider you if you are the only person left on this planet; even if he says you might have a chance if things do not work out with whoever he/she is involved with at the moment. Please. Scream. Bloody. Murder! Pull yourself together and gather whatever strength you still have left and have the courage and dignity to say “HELL NO…ARE YOU KIDDING ME FOOL?”Just do not go on pining, wasting away your time and sanity, hoping that things are going to happen. Don’t wait for him or her when you know that the person is not coming. The fact that he is using you as a security blanket should be enough for you to go running the opposite direction and enter the land of Narnia, never to return ever! As much as it hurts to accept that this person cannot love you the way you want him/her to, you have to be strong and face it…and move on!

You do not run a race to get second place right? You do not feel so much just to settle for being an option or a possible rebound! You might be willing to wait, but really, why stand on the sidelines while he has his fun or while she basks in the adoration of others? In short, you deserve the top place on that podium. You have to be the first place, gold medalist in this person’s heart. Why? Because you deserve nothing less!

When you do love that person, you’ll certainly give him the blue ribbon for first place right? But for some unfathomable reason, some people tend to settle. They accept a piece of that reality, no matter how miniscule and insane – just so they can say that their dream came true. Uh…there is a reason why you dream with your eyes closed…so that you do not see the cold, truth of reality.

Let’s all find somebody who will like us first! Let’s be heady giddy infatuated with a person who will put us first place in their hearts. I’m not saying it is easy – in fact, I know that it is excruciatingly difficult… But doing the right thing usually is.

Sometimes we have to know when to realize that what we want or who we want just isn’t meant for us. It’s time we misplace ourselves and our hearts. Let us reach out inside of us, grasp this mechanism that churns love and hurl it across a vast ocean. Hopefully, it gets found like some message in a bottle (or well, sad truth is it might get eaten by a shark…)… Really, what am I saying! Haha Anyway…

In the end, if we cannot help it, at least, let us not settle. Let us never settle for less than what we truly want and who we truly deserve. Let us also not waste time giving the gold medal to somebody who deserves the silver one (or a handshake only!) as much as we believe that we are worthless or as often as we think we are too ugly or too fat or too psychologically imbalanced… We still deserve to be first in someone’s heart and there will always be somebody that God has created for us…

…we cannot very well find that person if we keep running after the wrong ones and cannot ever keep still for a moment to see others around us…right?

What do you think?


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