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Cheating… I don’t Get it!

“Don’t commit to a relationship if you’re just going to act single.”

This line is simple and straightforward. You do not need a rocket scientist’s IQ to understand what it means. It is quite a controversial topic because nobody likes cheaters, especially in a relationship. However, I find it funny how those who do not like to be cheated on actually cheats as well.

It does not matter who did the bad cheetah deed first. Whether you did it to get back at your partner for cheating on you or if it was because of sheer temptation and a weak spine…fact is, Cheating is bad. Very,very bad!

I don’t get it when people try to justify the act when they know that it is wrong. Let’s talk about a guy who cheats on his girlfriend. What makes cheating valid? Why cheat? Why does he have to go behind his girl’s back? In fact, why does he even have a steady girlfriend?

What are the usual excuse? Uh, honey, the dog ate my conscience? It was a moment of weakness? I did not mean to get caught babe, but that’s why I chose to come back to you because you’re like “awesomely” psychic and have great investigative skills!

Or is it… Her boobs are bigger! She’s something I have not seen before (ET phone home!) or maybe the “sad, sappy, it’s your gf’s fault type of excuse?” Like maybe she did not have enough time for you or that she only allows you to have sexy time on weekends (or during somebody’s Barmiztvah!


Cheating is easier than being honest?It’s nothing special or it did not mean anything? He was lonely? He experienced temporary memory loss and thought that his gf’s best friend was his girl, one stormy, cold night?

What about attraction? This is where most people say that the lines get blurry. I mean, there will be times that you feel like this unexplainable pull towards this person that you can’t help but feel crazy and out-of-place if you cannot have him/her. So, you just let things happen? It’s just a little tumble in the sack….?

Look, I might sound judgemental but in all honesty, I am just curious. I don’t get the whole idea of cheating. It could probably be because I am not in a situation where I had to suffer the dilemma (I pray that I won’t ever be an accessory to this crime or the instigator of such action)

There are people who tell me that I won’t know how I would react unless I am tossed in this kind of situation. Perhaps they are right and that being naiveté does leave me dumbstruck and incredulous. However, I have been cheated on and none of those moments where great. In fact, it was horrible. Hmm… I guess with all the evil in this world, I should not be surprised with the fact that people can and will want to hurt people they claim to lovE in this manner. It’s whack!

I think it boils down to a person’s frame of mind. How they look at things and how they can placate their conscience with excuses and justify the act. I do not know probably because I have not cheated at all. In fact, believe it or not, I cannot imagine cheating on someone I care about and love. I am not a hypocrite and say that I have never thought of cheating on a guy. But, fortunately, it just stays as a thought. I never can bring myself to manifest this thought. I get the Willies! I just can’t imagine it!

So, this is what I just want to say to those guys and gals who cheat on their other halves… Break it off; do not commit! Unless of course, both of you are swingers by choice. But that’s another story…haha!

If you can’t stop the itch, then be brave enough to tell your partner that you want to bang somebody else, if it’s okay with them. At least, you are giving them the option to allow you to cheat on them or to just simply walk away. Really, why not just stay single if all you want to do is play around?

I won’t even get into the subject if married people cheating on their spouses and ruin a family. I won’t even talk about those who allow people to cheat on their partners with them. It might be a topic for another blog or a follow-up… I don’t know… and like I said, there might be reasons that I do not understand. I won’t judge anybody. I’m just really curious.

Do you have anything to add? It’s highly appreciated. You can even provide me answers! 😀


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