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10 q&a bottles of beer on the wall…

anyone wanna start a blogging challenge? I really want to join one… Source: 10 q&a bottles of beer on the wall…

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Here I blog again…

First entry on the new blog page… Source: Here I blog again…

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The “Wall” Talk

Source: The “Wall” Talk Check out a new blog… i’m branching out from this old one…

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You’re far away but I don’t mind- my love for you goes beyond space and time.

Long distance relationships are never easy. It’s frustrating, exasperating and heart-wrenching. It’s like trying to hold the hand of someone who is on the other side of a glass wall, … Continue reading

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Sleeping With You

Originally posted on Precocious Madness:
your breath is warm against my nape i snuggle deeper against you. you kiss my shoulder, my skin i feel like i am being sucked…

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Super typhoon Ruby is headed for us. Expected landfall is on Saturday evening. I am not afraid because my city and the area where I live is usually typhoon-proof. I … Continue reading

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I have been meaning to write (even create a new blog-again!) for some time but something is holding me back. It’s not that I lack the thoughts or the words … Continue reading

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Crashing Happiness…

If you noticed- I haven’t been posting 100 day challenges. Got my heartbroken. So, that’s enough of that for a while.

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Dead. D-E-D.

Death can come unexpected but sometimes, it looms like an omen or flashes like a huge neon sign in the middle of Time Square. However way it comes- unannounced or … Continue reading

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